How to select the perfect color Glasses Frames


Choose the Perfect Glasses

Ever gone into an eyewear shop, trying on loads of glasses for hours? Asking everyone for their opinions as to what looks good on you and what doesn't? Even after you got everyone's approval, you still weren't fully satisfied with the choices made. What if we could help you narrow down your choices. What color frames look best on you? Here are a few important things to know to start.

Skin Color - Determining the color of your skin is the most important factor to consider when choosing the color of your eyeglasses. Think of matching color to a solid background, your skin acts as the background and your glasses acts as an accent to the background.

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Eye Color - Eye colors can also attribute to choosing the perfect color of glasses. Although is is not as important as Skin Color and your Hair Color, it helps when creating the perfect color palette.

Choose the Perfect Glasses

Skin Color

Everyone’s skin coloring falls into one of two categories, either warm (yellow-based) or cool (blue-based). Warm complexions have a peachy, cream or yellow-ish tone. Cool complexions have undertones of of pink and blue. More than half the population in the USA have a cool complexion.

For a warm complexion choose from brown colors or a nice tortoiseshell. Bold colors are a great option too. You can choose colors that pop, like a red or a gold. Always avoid like colors from a cool complexion, like a blue or pink.

For a cool based complexion choose from jewel tones, blues, purples, pinks. Black and Grey's can compliment a cool based complexion really well. Avoid colors that have a yellow tone especially a gold as this may clash with your skin tone.

Hair Color

Your hair color is pretty easy to determine, unless you color or dye your hair on a regular basis. Warm colors for hair are brownish gold, matte black, ginger and rich, and yellow blonde . Cool colors are white, platinum, strawberry blonde and salt-and-pepper hair.

Eye Color

We categorized your eyes as the third option, because it is the toughest to determine the exact color because there are so many variations. For example, if you have blue eyes doesn’t necessarily mean that you have cool eyes, because grey tones can make them predominantly warm. Similarly, brown eyes can be a light or a cooler shade closer to black, making them hard to figure out. If you managed to figure out the color of your eyes you can now choose a color frame that will compliment your skin, hair and eyes.

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