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Customer Service (917) 524-8393

Whitechapel by The Square Mile Prescription Eyeglasses Frame

  • Whitechapel - Whitechapel is a vibrant, multicultural district in the East End with many traditional pubs and curry houses. The lively Whitechapel Market is a focal point for Asian food, discount fashion and plenty of homeware. Tourists learn about the 1800s Jack the Ripper murders on guided walks through the area’s cobbled alleys. The trendy Whitechapel Gallery hosts contemporary art exhibitions and film screenings. These frames will help you blend in the crowd.

  • Item specs:

    • Rounded Frame
    • Material: Metal
    • Spring Hinge 
    • Unifit Bridge
    • Trendy Styles at budget friendly prices
    • Sunglasses Eligible
    • 51-18-135

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