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When it’s time to choose the right pair of eyeglasses you must know about your face shape because the right pair of eyeglasses, according to your face shape makes you look sober and attractive. There are different eyeglasses styles are available like oval shaped glasses which are characterized by rounded frames and are a little bit wider.

Oval shaped eyeglasses are perfect for square, rectangular, oval or diamond face shape. Oval shaped faces have wide cheeks, forehead and jawline are the same widths with a rounded chin. Oval is a huge category because it includes any shape that does not have corners and they look modest and fashionable. Men usually do not prefer oval shaped glasses because they are more interested in glasses with corners and angles but women mostly prefer oval-shaped glasses due to their softer lines that look more feminine.

The material used for women’s oval shaped glasses frame is plastic as plastic frames are more colorful and have softer lines while metal is preferred for men’s oval shaped glasses because metal frames are angular and lighter. Oval shaped faces are considered ideal face shapes because they have the most balanced proportions. They have a narrow forehead, high cheekbones, and narrow chin; therefore, they are lucky when it comes to choosing glasses.

They should choose a pair of eyeglasses that are slighter wider than the broadest part of the face as rectangular framed glasses really complement the features. Always pick bold shapes that maintain the balance of your shape. Recommended glasses for the oval-shaped faces are square frames and wayfarer while aviator frames, rimless and semi-rimless frames, and round frames are also acceptable glasses for oval-shaped faces.

Avoid oversized glasses or very circular rounded ones, as it will take away from the face’s natural symmetry. TimeToShade provides eyeglasses with oval lenses that are comfortable, affordable, and lightweight and pleasure wearing.

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