Southwark by The Square Mile Cateye Optical Glasses 53-16-140

Pulsating with life at all hours of the day and night, London, also known as The Square Mile, is not only a metropolis of power and energy, but its beauty and culture draw millions of visitors each year. It is truly a world-famous city with a beating, vibrant heart. Square Miles Frames began as just an idea- to bring culture and charm into your everyday life. Whatever look you’re going for- sophisticated, playful, powerful- we have it. You’re going to love our frames, and we’re here to help you find the perfect fit.

Southwark is in the heart of Central London featuring many of the city’s iconic landmarks: Tate Modern, Borough Market, Butler's Wharf, The Shard, London Eye. It is a trendy area and really shows what life is like for London Natives. These classy Southwark Cat Eye frames are fashionable and have been in style for decades, framing the faces of the rich and famous. They look good on many faces.


  • Cat eye
  • Low Bridge
  • Material: Acetate   
  • Spring Hinges
  • Sunglasses Eligible
  • 53-16-140

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