What is Anti Reflective Coating?

November 01, 2019

Anti Reflective Coating

So what exactly is anti-reflective our non-glare coating in glasses and is it worth it well in today we're going over what this lens enhancement can do for you. As well as doing some
comparisons so that you can see the difference let's take a look.

So i have had a lot of people ask me if anti-reflective or a non glare coating on your glasses is really worth it. The answer is of course yes. So anti-reflective or A.R coatings are special type of lens enhancement that's applied to the front and back surfaces of the lens.

That's used to help improve the transmittance of light as it passes through the lens reducing glare reducing reflections and even helps improve the cosmetic appearance of glasses. There are a lot of benefits of A.R coatings.

Because of these benefits you can find a AR coating in just about any optical surface extending from glasses to telescopes cameras and even binoculars. Now if you ever look at those surfaces such as a camera lens.

You see when you look at a lens or a glass window or a piece of plastic any sort of flat surface you're likely gonna see some level of reflections. If either yourself or anything that's going on behind you because of that.

Now depending on the material that you're looking through those reflections can actually decrease the clarity, as well as the contrast of the final image that you're trying to view. Because not all of the light is allowed to pass through that lens.

So why is this so important? Well the benefits of that anti reflective is going to be different for, let's say it engineering purposes. Like telescopes or if it's going to be something like camera lenses or if it's going to be something like glasses.

Well the engineering lenses again a telescope for example: the light that's going through that telescope you need to have this much light as possible and you want as little distortions in your image as you can.

Now when it comes to the AR coating on your glasses that benefit of the contrast sensitivity is actually lost when compared to the camera lens. And that's not that the AR
coating isn't doing its job on the glasses it's just that your human eye isn't sensitive enough to really pick up those subtle differences.

So the real benefits of the AR coating for glasses are come down to two things.

Number One:

It's gonna help reduce glare especially starburst patterns and halos around headlights at night time same thing going on with eldest street lamps at nighttime. It's also going to help reduce the glare coming off of computer screens.

Number Two:

The second benefit is going to be from helping improve the cosmetic appearance of the lenses. Now if you're somebody who you know is on stage a lot likes to take a lot of pictures.

If you're somebody who goes and meets with clients or if you do a lot maybe you do job interviews or maybe if you're just having a job interview coming up your glasses are going to have that anti-reflective coating.

So here are some benefits and information about What is Anti Reflective Coating and Is It Worth. I hope you liked this information so please don't forget to share this information with others because sharing is caring.

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