May 03, 2019

Sophisticated & Fashionable

Posted at 11:00 • May 3, 2019 • Yishai Grossman • Style

A spectacle is something that is exhibited to view. Typically when using the word it is used to describe something extraordinary. One would think that by adding the letter "S" to the end of it, it would become plural. Spectacles, is actually a british term that is also used for eyeglasses. It sounds more sophisticated and if you dare to style, it can be highly fashionable and trendy.

When I think of spectacles, I think of round glasses, like the ones worn by Abe Sapien in the 2004 film of Hellboy. Round spectacles are synonymous with many famous movie characters, rock stars and celebrities.

Mahatma Gahndi, the spiritual leader for independence in India in the early 1900's, sported small round glasses that became iconic. In 2012, Gandhi’s round metal eyeglasses with their original case sold at auction for £34,000— double what was originally expected. They now reside in the Gandhi Museum in Madurai, India.

J.K. Rowling's character of Harry Potter was made famous for his scar on his forehead and his black round spectacles. Every kid today likes to wear Harry Potter glasses everyday and many dress up on Halloween. The entire costume is basically defined by the glasses.

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Spectacles as a spectacle

We mostly remember certain people for their 'specs'. When thinking of music, I think of the Beatles. John Lennon, its lead singer/songwriter sported small round spectacles that had a similar look to Ghandi. I always get a kick out of it and laugh when I think of Professor Hubert from Futerama. He sported these round coke-bottle glasses while always saying "Good news, everyone!" talking about his latest inventions.

Some spectacles are a spectacle. Lady Gaga in her music video of Alejandro. She whore actual round lenses on her face. Elton John most famous for wearing oversized round glasses that were definitely flamboyant. My favorite pair of all time is Morpheus (Laurence Fishburne) in the matrix. His glasses just sat on his nose without arms.  

Some spectacles are a spectacle...

Yishai Grossman

When you think computers today, you think Apple. When you think Apple, you think Steve Jobs. Steve jobs, had an iconic look wearing his turtleneck with rimless round glasses. Ozzy Ozbourne and Woody Allen are others who always sported round glasses. Here at, you too can get these looks. We carry most of these styles as well as many others. You can choose just the frames or turn your favorite frames into sunglasses too. Will you be the next person who will be know among your peers wearing round frames?

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