Reading Glasses vs Bifocals Glasses

October 30, 2019

Reading glasses vs Bifocal Glasses

When you turn 40 and your near vision starts going downhill. And you find yourself having a hard time seeing things up close you're going to need the help of Galactus in order to see better. And so, in that case, there's going to be two options in glasses for you.

Single Vision Reading Glasses

The first option is single-vision reading glasses. And of course the prescription reading losses are better than the over-the-counter ones. Because one they have your exact prescriptions that grounded in the light and secondly they have the exact distances between the two eye.

So they can give you a lot sharper a clearer vision unless. Eye strained less headaches and the thing with reading glasses though of course you have to remove them or look over that to see things far away. Because they're just single-vision reading glasses only.

So some people don't like removing the glasses on and off all the time. In toggling with the glasses on
all the time that is why they invented the bifocal and there are two types of bifocals.

Lined Bifocal

One is the lined bifocal which has the line of the lens so you can see the line on the lens. It gives you two focal points. Your distance you're far away and you're up course. And so you can leave them on and you know watch TV and text it on the phone at the same time all right.

These thing with the line bifocal is some people didn't like the appearance of them as a look at the line of the lens and so that is why they invented the no lined bifocal and that is called the progressive lens. It's actually a no line multifocal lens.

Because it actually gives you all ranges of vision. You're far away a computer and you're up close vision and everything in between and so it gives you all ranges of vision. As you can imagine it's better than the light
bifocal in that case because it gives you all of that range of vision.

This is the OH with the progressives is that it does require a little bit more adaptation. A little bit more getting used to you have to move your head a little bit more to find where the clear spot is is a less.

For example: When we're walking down the stairs we naturally tend to look downwards to see this there's wrong way. But dem words on the lens that is where the near portion is and so if you look through that to see the best row away.

You might trip and fall and so you have to adjust your head look through the top part of the lens and that's how you see the stairs. So far away alright but having said that most stations do get used to the progresses and they do love it.

Because they do give them all that range of vision. So when I turn 40 the progressive lens is the ones that I'm going to get that is all for now I hope you found this article informative if so please help spread the word to your family and friends.

Thank you so much for reading this.

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