How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Face

How to Choose Sunglasses for Your Face

We are living in this current fashionable and technological era and are incredibly blessed to acquire anything online these days. Those times are gone when men and women had to wear about any eyeglass they could get quickly from any nearby shop, to get the job done. But time has changed now, and people have a vast range of selection to buy anything online and not have to spend their precious moment in the market, roaming and checking for the deals.

Sunglasses add style and harmony to the overall image, reduce fatigue, lines around eyes as well as protect against harmful radiation. No matter what kind of face you have, you can look amazing in sunglasses if they are the right pair for you. The most important thing is to find suitable sunglasses according to your face and features. How to choose sunglasses for your face?

Well, it is not a Pythagoras theorem; you have to consider some factors, including your face shape, features, job, and lifestyle. After considering all these facts critically, you will be able to find the perfect sunglasses for your face. Choosing the right sunglasses for your face is hard sometimes due to two reasons. The first one is that there are such many choices to look over a considerable number of brands, styles, sizes, and shapes that are only available online.

Secondly, lots of subpar advice are there. You have probably found lots of the same old confusing information about face shapes, right? It is amazing how many bloggers and infographics are rehashing this same old worn-out advice about-face shapes because that method does not seem helpful. Many impractical or imaginary shapes of the face are being discussed; those are never seen in real any, e.g., triangle, heart, or diamond-shaped faces are never seen anywhere.

So, forget these nonsense face shapes and follow some simple and quick ways discussed later in this blog. Face shapes do not matter much, so do not worry; you will not have to figure out whether your face is an upside-down trapezoid or an isosceles triangle. Instead, you just must understand three simple points. The first two have to do with the size of your face, and the third one is about facial features.

Number one confronted width to figure out the size. The width of your face is the separation over your face from Temple to Temple, and this is the most significant exciting point when you are picking shades. One of the most well-known mix-ups individuals make is wearing shades that are unreasonably wide for their faces.

Let us start with size — number one face width. The width of your face is the distance across your face from Temple to Temple, and this is the most important thing to consider when you are choosing sunglasses. One of the most common mistakes people make is wearing sunglasses that are too wide for their faces.
Sunglasses should be according to your face symmetry and proportion.

They should add extra style to your personality rather than destroying your image by wearing the sunglasses that are bigger or narrow than your face. We must see from other people's perspectives when it comes to attractiveness and how other people see us. We are always being judged when we move into society.

For example, people having a narrow need to wear narrow sunglasses. Wide sunglasses will make their already narrow face look even narrower. Now you might be wondering how to figure out if sunglasses are wide or narrow. It is actually really easy.

Frame width is printed on the actual frames in most brands, and their online websites also guide about this. All you must do is the measurement of length from forehead to chin. Then the measurements of the width of your face either with scale or measuring tape to configure the most suitable frame for you.

Length of your face can be calculated simply by a mathematics rule that if the length of your face is one and half time as the width of your face, then your face is considered long while people having equal width and length are considered as the short face. 

The height of the lens determines whether the sunglasses are long or short as the lens is the tallest part of the sunglasses. The height of the lens is mostly listed on the product page, as you can see when you are shopping online. It varies, including short, medium, and taller lenses.

The frames having a lens height of 44 millimeters are considered taller, while 36-44 millimeters are average, and frames having less than 36 millimeters height of lens are categorized as short sunglasses. Bridge width depends on the closeness of your eyes; wider bridge width is for eyed those are far apart, and narrow bridge width is for closed set eyes.

Facial features are the third factor to keep in mind when buying sunglasses. Everybody's face is made up of a bunch of lines. The key is a balance; just like with size, you want to choose glasses that balance out your features rather than emphasizing them. If you have read all this information thoroughly, then you must have gotten the answer to the question of how to choose sunglasses for your face? See how simple and quick it is.

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Published Oct 27 2019