How to choose Right Glasses Frame for your Face

October 27, 2019

Choose the right size frame

How to choose the right size frame? There are a few ways of figuring out which frame best suits you first we should probably familiarize you with some of the basic terms for the measurements lens.

Width or a measurement refers to the horizontal width in millimeters of the frames lenses lens height or are measurement refers to the height of an eyeglasses lens and is measured from the top of the lens at its highest point to the bottom of the lens at its deepest point.

The point in a vertical straight line this measurement is only important when ordering your bifocal or progressive lenses bridge width or DBL measurement. It is the distance in millimeters between the two lenses.

It is measured between the two closest points of the lenses the overall frame width is the inside measurement of the frame the overall width is also dictated by such factors as the thickness of the rims of the frame.

And how wide the end pieces are the end piece is the measurement where the lens ends to the outer edge of the frame this measurement is important for your best overall fit temple length is measured along the length of the temple from one end to the other end including the bend .

How to find your current frame size there are a few ways of doing this number one using your old frame as a guideline if you already own a pair of eyeglasses you may use these measurements as a guideline while
shopping for your new one online look on the inside of each temple to find the size of the frame.

The eye size is always first, then there is a dash or a square then the bridge size and a small space then the temple size note if the size is not on the temple look on or under the bridge for some plastic frames.

You may also, need to look on the inside of the nose piece number two-measure yourself to determine your frame size for those who do not have a previous pair available for reference follow these steps to measure yourself looking into your mirror.

Hold a ruler, so it is lined up with your temple measuring inches the distance between your left and right
temples use the chart below invert your measurement to a frame size to convert from inches to millimeters please multiply by twenty-five point four one inch equals 25.4 millimeters.

To convert from centimeters to millimeters please multiply by ten one centimeter equals ten millimeters now that you have your eye size example five-and-a-half equals 52 millimeters the next step is
determining your overall frame size.

Double the eye size add it together and add an average bridge measurement of 17. For Example, 52 plus 52 plus 17 equals 121. Now add an average of five millimeters for each of the end pieces example 121 plus five plus five equals 31 this is the best-fitting frame for u equals or minus three millimeters.

So this is a practical guide that I used to know about my Glasses Frame size. You can also follow the same procedure. So I hope you liked this information so please don't forget to share this because sharing is caring.

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