Different Eyeglasses Frames for Men

Different Eyeglasses Frames for Men

Main contributor towards eyeglasses frames for men is to identify men’s face shape. Measuring face length from the bottom of chin to upward hairline of face is first thing that must to do for the best shape frame size for men. Second thing which must keep in mind is the width of men’s face. Men’s face width is measured from the jawlines, forehead as well as from cheek bones.

There are about five eyeglasses frames for men which are used. Frames used for the oval face shaped are unique because face is longer and less wide. Oval face shape is considered most ideal face shape as compare to the other’s face shapes. In this shape of face every type of frame is suited instead of the oversized frames.

Round face shape has same length and width. These types of faces are smooth and circular as well as fuller as compare to the oval face shape. The main feature of this face is jawline which is more prominent then cheek and forehead. Mostly eyeglasses frames for men which are used for the round face are square and rectangle because too small frames are not suited and masculine is more prominent in rounded shaped frames.

Diamond face shape is a type in which chin and the forehead is not in balanced shape. Both chin and forehead which are smaller than cheek bones as well as chin is more prominent as compare to forehead Harts face shape is longer and has less wide shape. Jaw of a person is smaller than forehead and chin is more prominent. Rectangular shaped frames provide masculine and also providing face balance.

It must keep in mind when buying frames are that these frames don’t exaggerate the face’s featuring of men and to provide comfort to men as well as available in affordable prices. Experts work very hard to refresh and modern the look of men’s eye glasses frames. They can choose funky, vintage, stylish, professional and geeky look eyeglasses frames for men. There are certain eye glasses styles for men to choose according to their personality and they can select eye glasses according to their profession.

Hipster Eyeglasses Style

Hipster eye glasses style is one of the best fashions which are chosen by most of the men. Previously square shape style which is a very simple eyeglasses style chosen by many celebrities and became very popular and it also made a cultural fashion style. On daily basis if a person wants to look creative young urban so he must choose hipster glasses to impress. In hipster eyeglasses style there are black glasses mostly used with thick wall of frames.

Nerd Eyeglasses Style

This style has glasses of metallic accents with thick wall of frame and has unusual color combination which is chosen by most of the men over many years. For very confident men, geeky style of eye glasses is perfect choice. These styles also provide contemporary style look to men. Oakley Glasses are also in this style.

Vintage Eyeglasses Style

This style provides more authenticity to classic look. It is transforming to timeless style from tried aesthetic. These styles have frames which have double and thick bridges of eye glasses and have aviator’s shapes of frames. This style provide 1950’s and 1960’s iconic look to men. Vintage Eyeglasses Style are the best Eyeglasses frames for men.

Classic Eyeglasses Style

This style is one of most common styles which never become old fashioned or men choose this style all over the era. This style of glasses is best for all type of men. It has ranges of color e.g. Gray, black and brown and it has neutral color combination. It is suited for men in business and professional attire and environment. It provides very formal look and very clean and decent in design that is why most of people like it.

Materials for Eyeglasses

When you buy glasses some facts must be considered like its durability, favorite brands, uniqueness, colors, lightness, price and durability.


Zylonite is a material which is used for rainbow frame colors. Zylonite is also known as zyl which is very creative material for eye glasses for men as well as women. It is also very lightweight and cost efficient and available easily. Nylon based plastic is also used to manufacture eye glasses frames because these are hypo-allergic and these plastics have better transparency and light weight and have more glow as compare to other plastics which use in eyeglasses.

Basically lightness is main criteria for eye glasses frames. Nylon was used to make frames for eye glasses in 1940s. Nylon is a best plastic because it provides resistant to cold and hot environment and it has more stiffness, flexible and molded as compare to other eyeglasses frames for men.


There are two types of metals which are used for making eye glasses frames:

  • Monel
  • Titanium

Monel is a mixture of metals and it is very useful for sensitive skin issues like some people have irritation to frames which are made by other materials. It is hypoallergenic

Titanium is also metal which is used to make eyeglass frames. It has silver to gray metal color, durable, lightweight and strong.

Stainless steel

Titanium is an alternative of stainless steel. Stainless steel frames are free of nickel that is the main reason of their hypo-allergenic. These frames are also very light weight. It is easily available at affordable price in market. It provides protection against heat and from corrosion resistance and abrasion because it includes chromium about 10-30 percent.


Flexon is used to make eye glasses frames and it is very flexible, easily bending and twisting. It easily comes back in to its shape. It is also corrosion resistant and light weight. It is expensive than other eye glasses because of its uniqueness of folding and it provides more comfort to person as compare to other eye glasses frames. Basically aluminum which is found naturally is very soft but after addition of iron (Fe) and silicon it becomes hard commercially.

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Published Oct 29 2019