Designer Eyeglass Frames

December 05, 2019

Designer Eyeglass Frames

Designer Eyeglass Frames have eyeglasses pair, which are designed in a way that lenses hold their position very accurately and properly. Designer eyeglass frames vary in sizes, colors, shapes, materials, and styles. There are some parts of designer eyeglass frames that must be kept in mind while buying eyeglasses frames.

Parts of Designer Eyeglass Frames

  • Lenses holding and surrounding by rims or wires which are used in eyeglasses frames
  • Designer eyeglass frames have bridges that help to connect wires of eyeglasses frames.
  • There is a combination between the bridge and eye wires which is commonly known as chassis
  • Brow bar provides very important structural support to the frames
  • For style, there is a pair of metal or plastic caps which helps in fitting eyeglasses frames wires over the top of frames
  • on the nose, there is also a pair of nose pads which helps in comfortably resting wires
  • On the side of the skull, there is a pair of earpiece which are known as temples
  • At the end of the temples, there are temple tips

Material used for Designer Eyeglasse Frames

Polymer and plastic are used to make designer eyeglass frames that are less allergic, causing material. It is also beneficial in terms that it is easily coming back into its original shape. Designer eyeglass frames which are made by polymers are molded, have cellulose propionate and durable plastic. Superfine polyamide powder is used for 3D eyeglasses frames.

Designer eyeglasses frames which provide protection against glare. These are anti-glare eyeglasses, which are also known as blue light eye glasses, which lowers the light reflection, which enters in person’s eyes, for example, sun light, when the glaring amount is reduced by using designer eyeglass frames, so the vision of a person is improved.

Best Designer Eyeglass Frames

Shade Sunglasses

Sunglasses are used by people, mainly due to protect eyes from sunlight, ultraviolet rays, and visible light, which have high energy. Sometimes Shade sunglasses are used for the visual purpose, which has polarized, colored, and darkened lenses, which also known as spectacles. These Shade sunglasses are also called sun cheaters because it protects against sunlight.


Shade sunglasses provide a unique function, which is that it provides prevention from excessive light exposure in terms of both visible and visible components of sunlight. Exposure with ultra-violet rays has very dangerous effects on the human body like pterygium, snow blindness, photokeratitis, cataracts, and many other types of eye cancer.

Medical experts have given public awareness on the Shade sunglasses' importance that it should wear during sunlight. Medical experts also provide awareness to people that Shade sunglasses filtered out or provide prevention about 99 percent or more of UVB and UVA light, which have wavelength about 400nm, so that is why these sunglasses also known as "UV400".

These eye glasses are not providing sufficient or permanent protection against sun light. There are special eyeglasses that are used during a solar eclipse and used for viewing the sun directly, and these sunglasses are known as solar viewers.

Assessing protection

If someone wants to evaluate sunglasses protection so he/she must measure lenses that are used in sunglasses. These lenses are measured by either an optician who is properly equipped or by a manufacturer. Medical experts can identify whether sunglasses meet the protective requirements against sunlight or not.

In the early 12th century, sunglasses were used by Chinese people, and these sunglasses are made to by flat panes with smoky quartz, which prevent eyes by glare while these sunglasses do not have corrective powers.

Titanium Glasses Frames

Titanium glasses frames are made with metal which is silver in color and have high strength and low density metal. It has very unique function that is its resistance against corrosion and malleability because it has high strength as compare to other eye glasses. Titanium is used in many other commercial industries like in electronics, military and auto motive industrial companies.

Titanium glasses frames are very comfortable and there are very light weight and easy to hold on eyes. In some titanium glasses frames, titanium metal is used alone or with combination of other elements for example aluminum, iron and other elements. Titanium glasses frames are more costly as compare to other eye glasses frames like acetate, steel, plastic and other eye glasses types.

Pure titanium is used in some eye glasses frames like in semi rimless eye glasses and these semi rimless eye glasses are extremely low weight/ light in weight. Titanium glasses frames have different combination of colors like its inner surface has dark chocolate brown color while outside surface has metallic golden color.

Scandinavian and modern architecture design are also seen on titanium glasses frames which have very simple, fine, neat and clean lines on the frames of eye glasses.

For elegant look, customer should choose light weight and casual pair of eye glasses. titanium eye glasses frames are available in wide range of variety for example Corrective, sun glasses, safety, 3D eye glass, yellow tinted computer eye glasses, magnification eye glasses and protection from anti-glare eye glasses.

In titanium eye glasses frames, corrective lenses for correction of vision are used and theses are used to treat problems like astigmatism, myopia and farsightedness. Presbyopia is a condition which is most commonly occurred by crystalline eye lens in people who are over 40 years old.

Gold Eyeglasses

Designer Eyeglass Frames Online

Gold Glasses provide help in vision. These eyeglasses are also known as spectacles. These eyeglasses have a golden frame that holds lenses in front of an individual eye. These eyeglasses consist of hard or glass plastic lenses, which helps to provide better vision. Mainly there are many functions of Gold glasses, but the main functions of the eyeglasses are to provide better vision and correction of the vision.

Gold eyeglasses help to prevent a person from flying debris, which comes from the construction area or construction work and during the lab work. Gold eyeglasses are also protective of the lenses and sides of a person’s eyes. Eyeglasses are also used during physical activity like during sports. During sports, gold eyeglasses may be falling off, so glasses straps are used to prevent eyeglasses while playing sports.

For viewing special information, so some special eye glasses are used like 3D eyeglasses that are used for the films, which are 3D e.g., stereoscopy. Some eyeglasses are used by the people for fashion and good looking purposes. Even for a purpose like aesthetic and fashion, some vision corrected eyeglasses are available at the market with a wide range of fashion styles.

Most commonly, eyeglasses were used by older people as compared to adults and children because they need eyeglasses for vision purposes. Most of the people require eye glasses in different shapes, materials, and colors according to their taste.

Nowadays, many eyeglasses are available with different frame designing and colors where gold eyeglasses are the most favorite among people. Eyeglasses are available with a different combination of lenses and frames. The selection of the gold eyeglasses depends on the appearance of the customer/ patient.

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