Buy The Best Rectangular Frame Glasses

Buy The Best Rectangular Frame Glasses

People make their eyeglasses the best source of style and status. Eyewear is a broad category that includes everything from spectacles to performance eye protectors. Every 6 in 10 people wear either glasses or contact lenses, and approximately 25% of the global population requires eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct their vision.

Therefore, you may call a pair of eyeglasses as a need for hours. Glasses with different designs and frame sizes are available online at Time to Shade. You must buy the best rectangular frame glasses according to your face shape and eye prescription.

You must understand about face shape, and after that, you can buy a pair of eyeglasses for your face shape from Time to Shade. We have a vast collection of glasses from different brands, sizes, and colors.

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Best Eye Frames for your Face Shape

The first thing to do is to determine the shape of your face. Most people will fall under these seven shapes: circular, diamond, heart, rectangular, square, oblong, and oval. If you have a more circular face, you want to look for glasses that have sharp angles to help contrast the circular shape of your face. Try to avoid round or circular frames.

If you have a diamond-shaped face with a narrow forehead and chin with the broadest area across your cheekbone, then you should choose oval-shaped frames to look classy. Avoid anything boxy or straight across. If you have a heart shape face having a narrow chin and a wider forehead, then you should highlight your features with thin frames and avoid anything overly embellished or heavy looking.

If your face is long to proportional from forehead to jawline, you possess rectangle face shape. You must go with round frames and avoid angular frames. If your face shape is somewhat rectangle but not as long, then you have a square face shape. Looks for frames have soft, and round features, try to avoid anything with sharping features.

If your face is a little bit longer with no angular features, you have oblong face shape, try to stick with rounder and big oversized frames, avoid anything narrow and short. Last but not least, there is an oval face shape with prominent features. They can wear eye frames of any shape, size, and designs.

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Rectangle Eyeglasses

Rectangular eyeglasses are characterized by frames that are wider than they are tall. Sharp-edged rectangle frames convey a sporty or architectural look, while rectangles with rounded edges offer a softer, more understated look. Buy the best rectangular frame glasses if you have a round, heart, or oval-shaped face.

Oval shape face is considered as ideal face shape because they have the most balanced proportions. They have narrow foreheads, high cheekbones, and small chins. People with oval face shape can choose the best rectangular frame glasses for a sophisticated, academic look, a retro cat-eye, or a trendy square or round frame.

Edges of the top and bottom lenses are parallel in classic rectangle frames, whereas today’s rectangle design comes with softer and more rounded lines. Rectangle frame glasses come in a diverse range of styles, colors, proportions, and materials, so buy the best rectangle frame glasses at TimeToShade.

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Do Not Ignore Your Facial Features

While selecting a glasses frame, a good rule of thumb is to choose glasses frames opposite to your facial features. A square or an angular face looks good in round frames, whereas round faces should wear eye frames that contrast with square frames. If you have a massive bottom face, then you must wear a top-heavy frame and vice versa. Another important thing that you must keep in mind that your face and frame proportions should match perfectly.

Women Prefer Rectangle Glasses Frames

Women, especially businesswomen, prefer rectangular frame glasses to introduce a linear masculine and professional look. Half-rim or semi-rimless frame design for rectangular eyeglasses lightens up the lower part of the frame and gives a professional look and makes the frame lighter and more comfortable to see through.

Women like to wear rectangle frame glasses while driving because they are more comfortable and easier to wear. Rectangular frames add sharpness and highlight your cheekbones, add newly defined lines to the look. These frames can be found in every material (plastic, wood, and metal) and color.

Rectangular eye frames made of wood are one of the hottest new trends that pair perfectly with round face shapes. The natural materials used in these frames give this style an elegant feel. Rectangular wayfarer frame gives you an old Hollywood look to your face. Plus, their distinctive angles add contrast to your features.

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Women with round shape face should prefer frames which balance the features and bring structure to the soft-featured visage as:

  • Pick a rectangular frame glasses that contracts your facial features.
  • Choose a frame that has nose pads if you have big cheeks or a flat nose.
  • Square shaped glasses, as wayfarer and flattering, frames are the best match for round shape faces. They are more extensive than the look and add more balance to soft features.
  • Browline eyeglasses with semi-rimless frames that are lighter at the bottom are best for round shape face. It does not add a lot of angles, but effectively slimming down the appearance of the face.
  • Hipster glasses are also considered as the right choice to take focus away from a round face. The numerous varieties of nerdy square glasses are ideal for round face shape.

Consider Your Prescription

Your glasses are a medical device. To get the best vision possible, keep in mind that some shapes and materials will be better than others, depending on your prescription type. Depending on the type and intended purpose, different quality standards may apply to different eyewear, but the durability and product safety remain important considerations across the board.

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Published Nov 02 2019