Bifocal Lenses vs Progressive Lenses vs Digital Progressive Lenses

March 13, 2019

We help you compare all multi-focal lens options but only provide you with the best!

It’s more common to need multi-focal lens for people over the age of 40. It is used by people who have presbyopia, a condition that often affects people over age 40. You begin to lose the ability to focus on objects that are near to you. Folks with this condition may find themselves holding the newspaper farther and farther away in order to focus on the type, while objects at a distance remain in relatively clear focus.

When explained in simple terms, bifocals are the lenses that you see the line in the lenses and progressive lenses are clear without a visible line. Bifocals let you see both near and far clearly, by using different areas of the lens for each type of focus. So if you focus up you will be able to see far and if you focus on the lower half of the lens will help visually for nearsightedness. Bifocals are also used for children or younger adults to alleviate chronic eye strain or issues with focusing, particularly for reading. They offer a practical solution to specific vision problems for both adults and children and cost less than progressive lenses.

Progressive lenses don't just look great, they are actually better than bifocals and for the health of your eyes. Their progressive corridors of vision gently and naturally correct presbyopia, or short-sightedness. Your eyes will actually look and feel better (after a bit of getting used to), regaining their old sparkle (there is no noticeable line and gives you more vision capabilities on the lens). Our progressive lenses will give you a seamless range of sight at all distances, using just a slight alteration of your line of gaze. Depending on brand name, standard progressive lenses range in price from $175-300 for the base lenses. 

Digital progressive lenses (aka HD Progressive lenses) offer a 40% wider field of vision. It offers digital precision and sharper clarity which will help you see closer to your eyes natural viewing. With an improved transition between reading and distance zones, they make it a lot easier to get used to progressives vs bifocals. This upgrade can run you as high as $500. Currently we are offering it at an introductory rate of only $69.

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